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Student loan debt sucks!

Are you ready to break free from your student loan debt?

I’ll teach you what the student loan industry doesn’t want you to know so you can get out of debt & reclaim your future!

One sad black woman with credit card debt problem

does this sound like you?

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You feel stuck because you don’t see a way of of debt & it’s controlling your life

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You’re overwhelmed because there’s so much information and you don’t know what actually applies to your situation

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You’ve got more expenses than you have money & something else always comes up to throw you off track

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You’ve been carrying around shame or guilt because of past money decisions

yes, that's me

it doesn't have to be this way!

imagine how amazing it would be to...

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Get the keys to the home your student loan debt made seem impossible for you to qualify for or afford

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Relax on your dream vacation that you never thought you’d be able to take because of your debt

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Have your money going towards making sure you have enough saved & invested for your retirement.

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Get adequate, peaceful sleep because you are no longer burdened with debt

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are you ready to go from feeling hopeless & stuck to having an actionable plan to take control of your money &

get out of debt?

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Save Time

by avoiding common financial pitfalls and gaining access to proven strategies that streamline your financial decision-making process.

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Save Money

with insights into effective budgeting, debt management & payoff, allowing you to maximize your financial resources.

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Get Results

you can actually see in your financial life, whether it's reducing debt, increasing savings, or making informed financial decisions that align with your goals.

have we met yet?

I’m Nika, your new debt-slaying bestie & this is my story:

I am an award-winning debt freedom expert, personal finance content creator, and the Founder of Debt Free Gonnabe LLC.

I teach others how to better manage their money and get out of debt, without sacrificing fun.

By delivering personal finance education in a way that is easily understood, relatable, and judgement-free, I’ve helped my community receive over $1 MILLION in student loan cancellation.

It’s my mission to teach you everything I know to help you escape the student loan debt trap.

Inside BREAK FREE is everything you need to master your money & your student loan debt!